Wall Lasuring

Work method

The technique of lasuring is similar to the way layering is done in watercolor paintings. The bare wall is painted with opaque white paint, and this white paint is covered with several thin layers of transparent paint, using a wide paintbrush. Prior to the actual lasuring, we discuss the room’s use with the client and then develop a specific color plan.

The lasur technique enables the implementation of absolutely individual color designs. The objective of this work method is to create a holistic experience of interior space. Delicate layering and the bright reflection of light from the white grounding make walls ‘open’, expansive and enlivened. The eye can ‘immerse’ itself into the surface of walls colored using the lasur technique in a way that is not possible with walls coated with conventional opaque paint. In addition, the wandering of the sunlight causes the room’s color impressions to transform in the course of a day. Even professionally lasured basement rooms with artificial lighting can gain an intense color mood.