Amalahome – everything you need to design your own walls.

Do you enjoy being creative? Is artistic work something you’ve always wanted to do? Why not combine beauty with practicality and save a lot of money in the process? Amalahome Concept provides an all-in-one solution for anyone wishing to learn how to do lasuring. Amalahome Concept comes not just with all the required ingredients and utensils; it even has a video user manual, so you can begin realizing your dream design right away. Breathe new life into your rooms and experience the calming, meditative effect of the lasuring process along with the soul-balancing effect of colors.

Choose from a large assortment of solvent-free, brand-name pigments and plant-based colors. If you wish, we are pleased to support you with our years of color-design experience, from guiding you through the very first steps in how to lasur to providing you with your own individual on-site color design consultation.
No matter whether you are a single user in a private context or part of a group project in a community facility – such as a school, a kindergarten, an office complex or a church – The Amala Home Concept kit is fully adaptable to your color-designing needs. Making use of the kit in a group setting creates a sense of community that enables a positive connection both with the new design of the interior space and within the community itself.